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The Big Brown Mound is an incredible, groundbreaking system that converts from a mound to a flat service in just seconds maximizing field space, as well as sales figures. It’s a patented product that is easy to install at time of field construction or retro-fitting into existing grass, skinned, or synthetic fields. So call (425) 319-6572 today, and find out more about this ground breaking product, and how you can start selling it today!

Call (425) 319-6572 for more information on becoming a dealer!

Call (425) 319-6572 for more information on becoming a dealer!

Converts from a mound surface to a flat surface in seconds.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • Converts a field for multiple sports use in just 19 seconds: Flipped easily with only two people
  • Stores inside itself: No hauling the mound on or off the field as with traditional mound solutions
  • Limits risk: The NO LIP feature eliminates tripping and bad hop risks inherent with portable mounds
  • Thermo Forming Plastic Technology: State of the art materials for sustainability and performance
  • Reduces maintenance costs: Much cheaper to operate and maintain over a 5 year period than traditional mound solutions