The World's Only Convertible Pitching Mound System

Big Brown Mound

  • BBM is a double sided, self storing pitching system with up to 5 rubber locations.
  • It’s a facility operators dream, weighing less than 150 lbs. it easily converts a field from softball to baseball in under 30 seconds.
  • Installed into any playing field surface: Synthetic Turf, Grass, or Skinned Infields – no problem!
  • BBM utilizes its unique, patented, proprietary feature of “flipping” to provide a quick, easy, and seamless transition from a flat field to a baseball field with a mound in seconds.
  • BBM eliminates the “lip” or “liability” that is caused by laying a portable pitching mound on top of an existing field surface. This unique feature eliminates tripping and bad hop risks that are inherent flaws with current portable mound solutions.
  • The BBM 46.40.6 double sided mound system incorporates 4 softball locations, 35’, 40’, 43’ and 46’ – The Softball FastTrack TM. Flip to mound side up in less than 30 seconds and your playing baseball.

So, forget about gathering your buddies and dragging the traditional, 300 pound, portable pitching mound on and off the field risking injury. And forget about buying 4 wheelers with trailers and hauling the mounds to be stored in a safe, secure place or even leaning the portable mound up against the outfield fence because you don’t have the means to store it properly. BBM is the worlds’ only pitching mound product that doesn’t need to be stored, but rather provides storage for field components like bases, rubber, sand, and even a small rake.

MSRP: Call (425) 319-6572 for product update and pricing details.

MSRP: Call (425) 319-6572 for product update and pricing details.

Converts from a mound surface to a flat surface in seconds.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3